Girl Power

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Cailey and Sawyer by the Stream

There can only be one!

For my next demonstration of raw strength, I shall make this unsuspecting little boy dissappear!


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Frolic Claire

The buttercups with shining face
Smile upward as I pass.
They seem to lighten all the place
Like sunshine in the grass.

– Sarah J. Day


Sister Gap

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Just 12 years between these two lovebirds! Brenna and Claire cuddle up with Claire’s baby doll. The oldest of the four monsters  children Brenna doesn’t often miss an opportunity to help out and spend some time with her younger siblings. These two are a couple of peas in a pod!

Pipi Fishing

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Getting ready to do some fishing

We went camping at PiPi Valley and while there we did some fishing if you can call it that. We found some Rainbow Trout but they were too small but at least we got to play with some worms. As luck would have it the fish came away completely unscathed while Sawyer managed to injure his toe. Fish – 1, happy campers – 0.

Discovery Claire

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Prepared for Hot Weather

This is a picture of Claire when the family went to Discovery Kingdom. It was a hot day and Claire being a clever child put herself in charge of the water bottle . . . . and cool hats. Not just another pretty face.

Get that Elbow up . . . . Target Attack!

Sawyer and I attended the 49er District Cub Scouts Shooting Sports day at McFarland Ranch in Galt. He learned BB Gun and Archery Safety and had an opportunity to shoot at some targets. His goal is to earn his belt loops and sports pins. His favorite was the BB gun . . . makes sense, since he already owns a bow. He now wants a BB gun . . . . really, really bad. He’s actually a pretty good shot, considering this was his first time. He now wants to go hunting.

F/S Girls and Boys Line Up

Tokay Cross Country versus Stagg and Edison at Lodi Lake on a hot day in September. F/S boys and girls ran together. There was an hour delay but Tokay took the day. Brenna apparently saw me coming and hid.

Angel Squad

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Angel Squad

Send me an Angel . . . .

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Playing on their vanity I managed to get this shot, a rare picture of the Angel Squad. Disguised as everyday kids during the day . . . at night it’s a different story.

Hello world!

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